Things to Consider in Senior Sex Life

Things to Consider in Senior Sex Life

One may find it challenging to define the top considerations of senior intimate life. To overcome this issue, we draw your attention to certain facts that revolve around this subject.

A Look Into Senior Sex Life

According to a survey reported in the New York Times, dating seniors between the ages of 60-64 have an active sex life. These numbers drop drastically as they grow very much older. This could be due to a loss of a dating partner in any possible way, whether by death or a breakup or a drastic decline in sexual drives and performance as the body naturally ages.

Several changes captured in statistics can affect whether seniors are having sex or being satisfied with their intimate lives. There are also remedies suggested for the dating senior to have a fulfilling experience.

The Topic That Cannot Be Discussed

The sex life of a dating senior has been seen as taboo since time immemorial, and many notions have been built around this subject. Many believe that it is not a topic to be concerned with, yet they use dating apps for people over 40 to understand this aspect of their lives better. These days, seniors seek ways to maintain an active and fulfilling sex life as their bodies naturally age.

Concerns Related to Senior Sex Life

Sex life is possible for a dating senior, but some concerns are not to be overlooked.

Sexually transmitted diseases (or STDs) are majorly recorded among persons younger than 25. There is a certain percentage of seniors that contract sexually transmitted diseases. This could be a result of negligence in the practice of healthy sex life. Since most older people are past the age of child-bearing, they see no use for contraceptives.

At the age of menopause, many women experience a decreased sex life and vaginal dryness. These hormonal challenges suggest a less intimate time for them. Then some women use lubricants or go for hormone replacement therapy to boost their sex drive.

It is no secret that seniors develop erectile dysfunction as they age. This results in a decrease in sexual functions. Although there are available medications to aid them, dating seniors must learn to be patient with each other and wait for another day if the timing for sex is not right.

Ways to Maintain a Fulfilling Sex Life

It is not out of place for dating seniors to have a fulfilling sex life against all odds. Instead of making excuses as to why it cannot be possible at a certain age, there are few things seniors can do to keep their intimate life active and satisfying regardless of the advancement in age. Those who enjoy sex as seniors in their twilight years pay attention to the following:

  • Not going over the top
  • Maintaining a healthy diet since some foods boost the hormones responsible for sexual drives
  • Being socially active
  • Improving a relationship with their partners. Since emotions are vital for driving one's sex life, it is very important to consciously build them up in active dating, even as seniors.
  • Seeking medical help is one of the ways to boost one's intimate life. Although there might be medical explanations for the decline in sexual drives for seniors, there are also remedies to that effect. As much as it is naturally healthy to experience a decline in sexual drive, the hormones responsible for this can be induced to boost one's sex life and make them as active as they used to be when much younger.
  • Not being in a hurry is one reason why seniors have a satisfying sex life. It is always advised to take things easy to experience the satisfaction one desires.
  • Seeking alternatives to usual intercourse is also a way to have a fulfilling sex life. For example, many couples opt-out for a simple romance.

As people evolve and times change, dating seniors of today no longer want to bear with certain explanations why their sex life should not be active at their age. They can now be defined as the ones who are active, sexy, and fit to live life to the fullest.

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