About Josh…

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Here is my life story so far…

I was born with a blood disorder called sickle cell which is a genetic illness that effects my red blood cells. Sickle cell can cause excruciating pain within the body and also mean that my bones were deteriorating at a very fast rate. I was told that I may even need a hip replacement before I’m 30! I was being prescribed more medications than I could swallow and at my worst I was taking 10 tablets a day and in hospital 15 times in one year.  Quite frankly, I had had enough. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Literally. I decided to go to my specialist consultant to ask what else I could do. What are the alternatives of taking 10 tablets a day I asked? What can I do instead of taking morphine every week? Time after time I asked questions and they always lead me back round to the same thing – more tablets!! Even when I tried to help myself by exorcising, I would get sick every time I went to the gym. The final straw came when I missed my son’s second birthday party because I was stuck in hospital.

That is when I decided that if I was going to take my health to the next level, I would have to take it to my own hands. I set to work to work learning everything I could about food and the effect it has on the body. Ahisha and I studied all the time to learn everything we could so I could have better quality of life. I discovered ways to stop my pain through foods like dark leafy greens, ginger and cloves. The more we learned about food, the healthier I became. I could run around with my son for longer and I could be the man of the house again, instead of hobbling around on my crutch or being bed bound. Pretty soon as my energy levels were better, I decided to wean myself off my medications one at a time. I went from hospital visits 15 times a year and 10 meds to in 2015, ONE hospital visit and ZERO daily meds! I am not saying to anyone with a chronic illness they should do the same, and I encourage people to see their consultant before making any drastic changes but I share this to show what is possible when you decide to take your health to the next level. This is why Ahisha and I work tirelessly to help others achieve their Next Level of Health. No matter where you are on your health journey we can show you how to take that next step.

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About Ahisha…

Hi there!!  Thank you for reading up about us and hearing our stories, mine is very different to Josh. I have never really had any particular health complaints and have always been relatively healthy…or so I thought!

I trained professionally as an actress and dancer and I love what I do. Dancing and acting is my passion and I will never stop. But I was always looking for something else to do too as acting is very rarely full time, like any to other freelance work. After I finished working in Disneyland Paris, I decided to look into the health industry as I had always had an interest. I had also started to notice how much better Josh’s health was since he had started to follow everything we were learning. I decided that if Josh can go from 10 tablets a day to none at all just by changing his lifestyle, then imagine what I could do!

I started to apply everything I was learning about health and food into my life and I started to feel the difference immediately. I started to have more energy, I could concentrate better and my skin improved too.

The big thing for me that I found hard initially was cutting out sugar. Most people are hooked on sugar and don’t even know it. Sugar is hidden in so many places and we over consume without even realising. It didn’t help that I was also a Cake addict too! Any cake, cupcake, carrot cake, chocolate cake, birthday cake, banana cake you name it I loved it!

So, when I first decided to eliminate sugar from my diet I felt horrible. Horrible headaches and I was in a horrible mood for a week. However, as my body let go of its need for sugar, I have to say that I have never felt better. I had previously suffered from contact dermatitis/ eczema on my forehead and my GP could never figure out what it was or how to get rid of it other than prescribing steroid cream. It would flare up then vanish every so often. But since eliminating excess sugar from my diet, my skin is so clear and glowing with health.

Everything we recommend to our clients comes from personal experience and we would never ask you to do anything that we have not done ourselves. We love helping people and I love nothing more than that winning smile on a person’s face when they have smashed their personal health goal. When I look at our journeys I see that everyone can take their health to the next level regardless of where they are at right now. I used to think I was really healthy, but now I realise that there is whole other level of health that most people just don’t have access to. We are told so many conflicting things on TV and the internet and it can get confusing and being at your optimal health involves so much more than simply eating more fruit and veg. Let us coach you on how to break that information down into bit size pieces so no matter where you are now, you can take your health to the next level and beyond.

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Look forward to achieving great things together

Lots of love,
Ahisha xxx

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